Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

What is a Role Model?

Ruma Wha and Ruma Toru have been working hard to accomplish their goal of being role models.

We try hard to do these things in the classroom, in the playground, when we are at assembly, and also out on trips.

Pretty much everywhere. We know we can role model for other kids and grown ups.

 Zayden and Curtis help take care of the little kids and make sure they feel safe and supported.

Keysha stays on task in class time.

We show our best manners to visitors to our school and say Thank you for their time and knowledge when we are the teina.

We play fairly and kindly with other teams from other schools. Here we mixed up the teams and played a friendly game during a competition. It was super fun.

Gypsy even volunteered to play for their team during the competition because they had less players. What a total role model Gypsy!

Aleena, Azryiel, Ruanna-Mya, Maile and even Laker have been helping our juniors to take part in fitness in the morning. Sometimes they are shy to try new things in front of others, but we have awesome role models to support them and be the Tuakana.