Monday, March 12, 2018

Kei te Ako te reo

Kia Ora Koutou,

Ruma Toru is trying hard to learn more te reo and use  ngā ra katoa.

We decided we would start with ngā kupu we use all the time.  Here is Stella's mean poster she designed with the words she decided she will start learning on it.
Ka mau te wehi Stella.

Even though I am the Kaiako in our akomanga, I am trying really hard to use te reo ngā ra katoa.
It's helping heaps, way better than just doing our lessons once a week.

So far te wiki, we have kupu we try and fit in a lot for the rā. This helps us keep our mahi tonu.
Our ngā Kupu o te Rā so far have been:
Kia Ora,
Ata Mārie,
Tātou tahi

If you are around, stop by and help us, or learn with us.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Room 3 2018

Kia Ora Koutou,

After a long relaxing summer holiday, we are back!
Room 3 is excited to be improving on their Te Reo and get into some cool Science this year.

We have a group of 26 Year 5s and 6s, in their 3rd year of 1:1 Digital learning. We invite you to come and check out our personal blogs and leave some useful and helpful comments.

Many of the students in my class this year were with my in 2016, so we are off to a flying start.  Room 3 already runs their own dicussions, which I am incredibly proud of, to say the least.

We have also had our first Kapa Haka performance for the year with Room 4 (the other senior class at P.E.S.). We were pretty nervous about this now that last years seniors are gone. After lots of hard work though, it was awesome.

Can't wait to share our learning with you this year as we learn, create and share our way through 2018.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Rangatahi and Kiwi Can Jam.

Wow!  Just Wow!

Rangatahi went off like a rocket. It was particularly awesome for Room 11 because they were in charge of making sure the jobs were done.  Ethan and Chaniqua stood out as two people who really stepped up their game for the day.  I was incredibly proud of these two, they were the talk of the staffroom for days afterwards.

Irazema Vera came and did our sound for us again (she was here for our production last year too).
We really appreciate her donating so much time and effort into helping our tamariki make the most of their performances.

Kiwi Kids Jam was also pretty spectacular,  we all had a good time.   There may have been an award but we'll find out about that on Wednesday at assembly....

Photos to come...

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Term 3- What just happened?!

Well, it's finally that time, we are off to visit the intermediate today so I thought it would be a good time to reflect on what has happened over the last term.

Term 3 was ace,  we did heaps of cool stuff, including help our local community.

Cross Country was in Term 3, we went, we got really muddy, we had a great day. Even at the end when Sally had to go bak looking for shoes it was fun!

We planted some trees over in Drury to help with erosion and to offset the carbon production of a new development.     (more Photos to come)

Our Turbo Touch team to the Turbo Touch tournament (Say that 3 times fast!) where TeRina won the player of the day award.

Charlotte, the editor of Toi Toi magazine, came in to tell us how we can get our work published in the magazine. We sent our work of ready for the next issue. Fingers crossed!!

Early in the Term Maddison, TeRina and Myah went to Hingaia Primary for the Oral Language Competition. They did us proud. Well done Girls!

Get ready for Term 4!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

IALT show fractions using geoboards

WALT show fractions using geoboards.
I used the 'rubber bands' to stretch around half of the board.  Then I wrote the fraction next to it as well. 

I learned to use a geoboard because I had not done that before.  It was hard because I kept forgetting to click and drag. It was easy because I am very good at equivalent fractions. 

I used this link to help me work it out.  I think this app will be really helpful for all students in my class to help them show their working on their computer.

Please check out my video and then the link. Let me know which of the apps you think is the coolest.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Learning how to use forms in new ways.

Have a go at this and help me learn to use the responses. 

Perhaps you can let me know if it have me email or yours at the top too. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Coggle brainstorms

We found a new cool way to brainstorm collaboratively. 
It's called coggle.   You don't need to join up or pay for anything and it makes it easy to add your ideas to other people's.  we used it for the first time today to see if it was going to be easy. It took us about 20 seconds to work out how to use it.  Then it made our ideas come out faster because we didn't need to wait for Sally to write everything. 

You can find Coggle on the internet and it's pretty easy to use. Give it a go!